Patient Testimonials

“When I lost teeth to periodontal disease, I got a partial made. The partial fit, worked fine, but I hated it–every time I ate I had to remove and clean the partial as food bits got under it, and I always felt the partial as a foreign object in my mouth. The treatment and care I got at Dr. Huwais’ office always made me comfortable, so we discussed implants as an alternative. It was absolutely the best decision I could ever make–I love my tooth implants–they are a natural part of my mouth, my smile has never been better! Dr. Huwais and his staff always treat me great–they really care. I recommend them strongly to anyone needing their service–if you want to keep your teeth, or replace missing teeth with implants–there is nowhere else to go.” Jill M. Steinfeldt, Hillsdale, Michigan

“In my 55 years of dental practice I have not experienced any Dentist more knowledgeable or competent than Dr. Salah Huwais.Dr. Huwais placed multiple implants in my mouth. I as a Dentist was in awe of his ability. The procedures were pain free and the results exceeded my wildest expectations. I am a happy guy. Dr Huwais’ entire staff was wonderful, kind, thoughtful, and attentive. They could work for me any day.” Barry S. Collier DDS. Jackson, Michigan

“In April of 2010 I made a choice to spend the money on myself. After 10 years of infected gum tissue, Dr. Huwais advised me to go with implants. The cost was always an issue, but my wife and I made the decision to go with Dr. Huwais’ advice. I am so glad I had it done. Today I have no bleeding tissue. My teeth fit perfect; they feel like my own teeth and there was amazingly very little discomfort in the process. A big thanks to Dr. Huwais, he is the best” Sylvanus (Sy) Cote. Adrian, Michigan

“I can honestly say I hate to go to the dentist. I was not looking forward to having surgery on my jaw and the placements of implants. However I have never had a better trip to the dentist than when I was in to see Dr. Huwais. He took time to tell me what he was doing and why, and for the first time ever I experienced no pain what so ever.I wish he and his staff could be my regular dentist. The staff there are all very friendly and helpful which also made the experience much more pleasant, even enjoyable believe it or not.” THE DENTIST HATER MARK

“Losing a tooth was something I never had imagined. But Dr. Huwais and his staff made an uncomfortable situation more comfortable. The day my implant was placed, I attended a baseball game. I knew a procedure had been performed, but really had no discomfort to speak of. Dr. Huwais and his staff explained the entire procedure, treatment, cost, and time line. I am a dental assistant; now in our office I am a walking example of Dr. Huwais’ ability to replace a missing tooth with very little discomfort. I would very much recommend Dr. Huwais’ team as my implant specialists for my family and friends needing tooth replacement. With no question, Dr. Huwais’ office is the place and treatment of choice” Penny Ward. Springport, MI

“Jackson is truly fortunate to have a periodontist the caliber of Salah Huwais. My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Huwais for more than ten years. During that time we have had periodontal surgical procedures performed and continue to see him for preventive care. He personally calls after a surgical procedure to check on progress, and has on two occasions met us at his office after hours when a problem has arisen. We are impressed with the high level of expertise and sincere concern Dr. Huwais and his office staff display for their patients. We highly recommend Dr. Huwais to those needing periodontal care.” Tom and Cindy Hogan, Jackson, Michigan

“I can sincerely say that the experience I had at Dr Huwais’ office changed my life As long as I remember, I had to spend a lot of time in a dental office back in my old country in Eastern Europe. It was long, unpleasant, and painful time. I had to spend hours in a waiting room with other people to get to the office for pain relief. Needless to say, by the time I turned 30, I lost a lot of my teeth and smiling was not an option because I was ashamed to show what was left of them. Then, I did not think that it might change not until I met Dr Huwais. I remember my 1st appointment. I scheduled it because I had to replace bridge and it could not wait any longer. As I always have it done before, I wanted to get a quick fix. To my surprise, I was told that if I want to have work done in this office I have to do it right and a quick fix would not be an option. Then I realized I met people who cared about me and who thought what was best for me. That appointment was a beginning of my journey to a new me. I had to have several surgeries done and had multiple appointments. I was probably one of the most difficult patients because of the complexity of work that had to be done on me. That time, I was not worried because I felt care and compassion. Now, I love my smile. It makes me feel more confident. If you could see me before and after surgeries, you will agree that Dr Huwais did a miracle. I did not think it was possible and I am very grateful for this transformation.” Lana L. Jackson, Michigan

“Over the last three-year period I have had two dental implants performed by Salah Huwais, DDS. My experience with both procedures was much better than I anticipated. The administrative staffs in the front office and Kelly, the assistant for Dr. Huwais were very cordial, helpful and reassuring. All of my appointments started right on time and I was impressed with the efficiency and caring attitude that was shown to me on all of my visits. However, the part of my appointments that I appreciated the most was the minimal discomfort I experienced in all phases of the tooth removal and implant procedures. I quite frankly was amazed and best of all my implants have functioned perfectly. Dr. Huwais is a very caring individual and in my opinion he did an outstanding job.” Roger Fors. Jackson, Michigan

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Huwais and his staff for the excellent oral health care I have received in their office. I have been a patient of Dr. Huwais for over four years. He has performed multiple surgeries for me and even came in on his day off. I can’t even imagine what my smile would be like if it wasn’t for his excellent care and experience. I have searched all over Michigan for a Dentist that was experienced to deal with my complicated dental problems. The two-hour drive I have to be a patient of Dr. Huwais is well worth it. Thank you again for your compassion and excellent care.” Jackie Riley. Owosso, Michigan

“At age 60, due to auto accident I had lost many teeth and became not satisfied with my dental situation.My primary dentist referred me to the office of Dr. Salah Huwais, so after consulting with Dr. Huwais his diagnosis and treatment plan for me was to have dental implants. Needless to say there was collaboration between the two dental offices. The Huwais staff made it seamless.We went forward with the treatment with Dr. Huwais, and it was about year and a half later the Crowns were put on the Implants.It was Perfection! Thanks to the office staff and most of all to Dr. Huwais whom I know could be Successful anywhere and chose to be in Jackson.” Harry Baltimore, Jackson, Michigan