Teeth Extraction With Socket Preservation,

Jackson, Adrian, MI

Non-restorable mandibular first molar due to root fracture.

extraction of tooth with minimal trauma to reduce the likelihood of bone fracturing.

Socket view after extraction.

Examination of the site reveals a slight bony defect and a thin bony wall. Remaining walls of the socket are intact.

A periosteal elevator is used to reflect a buccal and lingual flap for graft placement.

Grafton Matrix is transported to the site with college pliers.

Grafton Matrix is loosely packed into the socket. Grafton Matrix does not migrate from the site and provides a continuous scaffold for bone regeneration.

Collagen (Skin) graft is tucked under the flap to completely cover the extraction socket.

Sutures are used to stabilize the graft.

Post-suture placement

At three months, the alveolar ridge is preserved and the quality of the soft tissue resembles the surrounding tissue. The site is now ready for cosmetic implant dentistry.

# Images are Courtesy Of Montage Media Corporation 2002